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Maria Island is a popular destination for holidaymakers to Tasmania. Maria Island is old convict probation station and that is now a haven for wildlife lovers with over 80 species of animals and birds found. Maria Island is well known for an abundance of  wombats, wallabies and pademelons, plus endangered swift parrots and Forty-spotted Pardalotes. At dawn and dusk, wombats can be easily seen from all parts of Maria Island. As well as wildlife watching, Maria Island offers bushwalking, fishing, snorkelling, diving, swimming, mountain biking and rock climbing. Explore peaceful beaches and much more on Maria Island. See: Bishop & Clerk Walk.

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Walk the Fossil Cliffs Loop, this easy 2-hour loop walk is great for families as it is a relatively easy walk. The Fossil Cliffs Loop provides a great overview of Maria Island’s past, where the track takes you past historical buildings from the convict era, the Bernacchi era, and the cement plant era. The highlight of the Fossil Cliffs Walk is the limestone rocks at the Fossil Cliffs where you will see fossils in the rocks at this former quarry, and experience great views of the sea cliffs towards Bishop & Clerk.