Your Tasmanian Bushwalking Questions Answered

Have a question about a day walk in Tasmania? We're here to help.

So many questions, so little time! We are experienced bushwalkers and have been walking in Tassie for30+ years. If we can’t help you with a question in our FAQ, contact us an e-mail.

Listing FAQ's

What is the best short walk near Hobart

There are lots of great short or longer day walks near Hobart. Click this link for a list of great short walks.

Where can I walk at Cradle Mountain?

So many choices! Most visitors at least walk to Dove Lake, but there are heaps of options. Click here for a list of short walks at Cradle Mountain.

Do I need a National Parks Pass?

Only if you are planning to walk in a National Park - most walks will be completely free.

Is there bushwalking transport in Tasmania?

Yes, there are several different options depending on what walks you are planning to do. We've tried to include information with many listings. However, if you have a specific question, please feel free to contact us.

When is the best time to go bushwalking in Tasmania?

Anytime! However, each walk may have a time of the year when it is better to go walking - check each listing, we've tried to identify the best time to walk.

Do I have to book to do the Overland Track?

At most times of the year yes, Numbers are capped - you simply can't just turn up and do the walk! Currently, bookings for the Overland Track are required Oct, 2020 to 31 May, 2021.You can find a booking calendar at this url: https://bookings.overlandtrack.com.au/otbse/controller/fit_booking_tripdetails.asp

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