Organ Pipes Mt Wellington

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Organ Pipes bushwalk, kunanyi Mt Wellington Hobart Tasmania Australia a great walk in Southern Tasmania close to the capital city of Hobart and suitable for all types of walkers from beginners t more experienced bushwalkers. This walk provides spectacular views over Hobart on a clear day. The Organ Pipes Walk is an ideal first walk for anyone who wants to do more walking on the many tracks on Hobart’s famous mountain, kunanyi / Mt Wellington. The Organ Pipes Walk includes the Pinnacle and Organ Pipes tracks, which take walkers through a sub-alpine forest and across huge boulder fields. This track was built over 100 years ago, with both the Organ Pipes Bushwalk and the Pinnacle Track recently restored by the City of Hobart, so that they are accessible to walkers of all abilities. There are several different routes that can be taken to experience the walk, ranging from a quick easy stroll through to half-day walks and more challenging options. All of the walks include spectacular views of Hobart, the Derwent River and on a clear day all the way to the Tasman Peninsula. The highlight of each track is definitely the Organ Pipes - these huge, fluted columns of dolerite rock rise above Hobart and attract rock climbers from around the world. The Springs car park is the best starting point for enjoying the Organ Pipes Walk, where you will also find water and toilets. The Organ Pipes Circuit is around 9.5 kilometres in length. If starting from The Springs, follow the Lenah Valley Track past Sphinx Rock (features a large sandstone lookout). Continue on to Junction Cabin before climbing uphill towards The Chalet on Hunters Track. From The Chalet, you’ll continue on past the base of the spectacular Organ Pipes, where during early summer, bright red waratah flowers will be a feature of your walk. From here it's a steady downhill path on the Pinnacle Track that takes you back to The Springs. No horses or mountain bikes - take care with young children and carry appropriate clothing and footwear. The Organ Pipes Mt Wellington is one of Tasmania's 60 Great Short Walks.


  • Walk Time

    1/2 day

  • Region of Tasmania


  • Shelter


  • Picnic Table


  • Toilets


  • Loop


  • Start Location

    The Springs Car Park

  • Type Of Walk

    Gravel, Dirt

  • Water


  • Camping Available


  • Distance

    9.5 kilometres

  • Walk Difficulty


  • Mobile Reception


  • Pets Allowed


  • National Park



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Getting To Organ Pipes Bushwalk

You can walk, ride a bike, drive, take a taxi or UBER or catch a shuttle bus – there are many ways to get to Wellington Park. However, to access the Springs as the start of the Organ Pipes Track you must take Pinnacle Road if travelling by car, as this is the only vehicle route taking you to the summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington.


The Organ Pipes bushwalk, Pinnacle Walk kunanyi Mt Wellington features spectacular views and is a great walk for families or people new to bushwalking.

General Comments

This is a great walk if you only have limited time in Hobart, and are keen to get out and do some bushwalking. It's also a great walk for families who want to provide their children with a slightly more challenging and interesting bushwalk. Once you have completed the Organ Pipes walk, you will want to do some of the more challenging and difficult walks on Mt WIllgton kunanyi.

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