Bishop and Clerk Maria Island
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Bishop and Clerk Maria Island

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Bishop and Clerk Maria Island

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Bishop and Clerk is a popular walk on Maria Island Tasmania of some 5 hours duration, and app. 11 kilometres in length. Maria Island is a National Park off the East Coast of Tasmania accessible via Ferry, and that has many points of interest and features. A National Parks Pass is required to access Maria Island and walk to Bishop and Clerk. Maria Island has a rich history, and a unique island ecology, historic buildings, ruins, spectacular coastal vistas, secluded beaches, rugged coastal cliffs, a range of bush walks from easy to harder, marine reserves for diving, areas for fishing, abundant bird life and easily seen wildlife including wombats, Cape Barren Geese and Albino Wallabies. Bishop and Clerk is a return walk that climbs from grassland, through open forest and tall woodland, to the rocky slopes and towering dolerite columns. The summit  of this walk is 620m, with the walk so named because of the resemblance to a bishop wearing a mitre, and being followed by a clergyman - make sure you look to see if you agree with the resemblance. This walk can be challenging, particularly on a hot day however the views from the summit are magnificent for those who make the climb. The walk involves steep up and downhill sections, including an extensive field of rock boulders, and is therefore best suited to experienced walkers. If you are walking with children, please take extreme care. Bicycles are popular on Maria Island, and are permitted along the track as far as the 'no bikes' sign. This is app. 2km past the Fossil Cliffs junction - please leave your bikes at this point and continue the rest of the walk to Bishop and Clerk on foot.


Camping Comments
Great camping on Maria Island, Darlington, Encampment, French's Farm.
Walk Time
5 hours return
Region of Tasmania
Picnic Table
Start Location
Maris Island
Type Of Walk
Gravel Dirt
Camping Available
11 kilometres
Walk Difficulty
Mobile Reception
Pets Allowed
National Park


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