Alum Cliffs Track Kingston
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Alum Cliffs Track Kingston

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Alum Cliffs Track is reached within easy distance of Hobart, and the Southern city of Kingston, commencing at the northern end of Kingston Beach. There are many entrances along this track including at Tyndall Road, Harpers Road, and Taronga Road. This is a reasonably easy walk and has been a popular local track for many years for exercise, including with dogs on leads. The Alum Cliffs track rises from Tyndall Beach, which is next to Kingston Beach, through coastal blue gum forest and that feature tall silver banksia trees. The track continues on through silver peppermint bushland before dipping into a fern-filled gully, before again rising into a headland and that provides great views over Storm Bay and the Derwent Estuary. In more recent times, a new start to the Alum Cliffs Track has now been constructed above Tyndall Beach to make the track accessible to even more users. The total distance of the Alum Cliffs Track is app. 6 kilometres return. At the start of the track, there are foot outlets, coffee, toilets and parking. The Alum Cliffs Track  connects with the Brickfields Track, and also can be linked with Boronia Beach Track via a short walk along Kingston Beach to further increase the distance that you can walk across these three tracks. Please note, the Alum Cliffs Track is narrow and with has steep edges in places meaning that care is required with small children. Please also note that mountain bikes and horses are not permitted on the Alum Cliffs Track.


  • Camping Comments

    No camping on or near this track

  • Walk Time

    Less than 2 hours

  • Region of Tasmania


  • Shelter


  • Picnic Table


  • Toilets


  • Loop


  • Type Of Walk

    Gravel, Dirt

  • Water


  • Camping Available


  • Distance

    app. 6 kilometres

  • Walk Difficulty


  • Mobile Reception


  • Pets Allowed


  • National Park



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